Wellness is a continued act. It is not a one-time dose that gets you through a specific duration of life.

My Supplement Situation.

By Mims

SUPPLEMENTS, my cupboards are filled with them, but they are a confusing subject as there are so many out there and so many conflicting views on which ones should we actually be taking! Or whether we should be taking them at all! Some schools of thought believe that supplements aren’t necessary or that they simply don’t work as the body cannot metabolise them.

I am not a nutritionist / dietitian so I can only write about my own experience on the subject and whilst I do agree that we should be eating and drinking our vitamins and minerals, sometimes we need a little extra boost that supplements can give.

So first point of call would always be working on our diet, making sure its balanced and working for our individualistic needs, the amount of exercise we are getting and sleep etc. And then assessing how do I feel energetically? Is my sleep quality actually good? Our skin, hair and nail condition are a very good barometer of how healthy our insides are so for me this always one of the drivers to want to explore supplements as I felt mine could be better.

In full disclosure, in the past I have certainly done ‘the wild stabbing in the dark’ approach or been sold by pretty packaging when choosing my supplements but since collaborating with The Elixir Clinic, a fantastic wellness clinic (which is here in the UAE and also other locations worldwide) I made sure I did things properly by having blood tests, vitamins and mineral swabs and food intolerance work done. You find out what your body needs by doing these sort of tests to see what nutrients you are deficient in and from there you can better understand what you should be taking and why. I have enjoyed bespoke VitaDrip infusions from the clinic which are unique blends of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The super boosting IV drops support hydration, detoxification, enhance energy levels which all contribute to a greater sense of wellbeing. I like to do these now as a treat / mostly boost but back to my daily supplements…


When I had my tests done last summer this was low and pretty much most of us could use some extra support when it comes to vitamin C and our immune system. Not only does it boost the immune system (something we have all wanted to improve during the pandemic), it also promotes the production of collagen, something I learnt from getting into the work of Dr. Gundry, a fantastic former surgeon who investigates the impact of diet on health and is the author of the Plant Paradox — a book investigating lectins on the body and a truly fascinating read! He recommends doubling does to 2 x 1000mg of time release vitamin C to enable collagen to be absorbed (when taken) and be produced by the body alongside silica. Vitamin C also increases our iron absorption and can help prevent neurological deterioration like dementia. I use Solaray Timed Release Vitamin C 1000mg daily.


Vitamin D3 works to support our immune system, regulate mood and helps combat depression so it is pretty damn important. But Vitamin D is low in many people and surprisingly for me too, even though I live in Dubai where sunshine is abundant. So if you aren’t getting outside in the sun enough or eating foods high in vitamin D it could be good to add this to your supplement list. I use a liquid version which is easier for the body to assimilate. My choice is Solgar Liquid Vitamin D3, natural orange flavour, 125mcg (5,000 IU) 2fl oz (59ml) and since taking am no longer deficient according to my blood work.


I take Zinc for my skin because my mother insisted it must be taken at the beginning of the pandemic to protect against getting sick and to boost our immune system. Whether it worked or not I haven’t had Covid for what its worth. I take a liquid which can easily be added to water or smoothies. I take Eidon Mineral Zinc 18 oz (533ml). I like this brand a lot and use them for my Silica too.


Today, most of our diets are pretty lacking in silica and this is in part due to over refinement of grains. As said earlier, Dr. Gundry explains that Silica is essential for us to produce and absorb collagen and it has been shown to be vital for proper storage of calcium and for maintaining healthy connective tissues. I use Eidon Mineral Supplements, Ionic Minerals, Silica, Liquid concentrate, 2oz (60ml).


Vitamin B12 benefits the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, digestive system as well as your metabolism. So when you are deficient you can feel run down, tired and moody (hmm makes sense I started taking it). Like most of my supplements, I prefer liquid vitamins because they are delivered directly into our cells for a speedier, more effective absorption. I use Garden of Life, MyKind Organics, B-12 Organic Spray, Raspberry, 2 fl oz (58ml).


These little gummies are a combination of biotin, folic acid, foti, B12, and paba and were recommended by a dear friend. I would never have chosen them if not and had always assumed these sort of things don’t work. But when I went to my hairdresser after taking them for some time he was convinced he could see a difference. After the success of these little gummies (which are also v delicious) I have added extra Biotin supplement for extra healthy hair, skin and nails. I use Natrol Biotin Beauty 10,000mcg.


A morning and evening supplement for age-defying, clarifying skin and improving sleep quality. The morning soft gels contain turmeric, omega 3s, COQ10, magnesium and vitamin C to boost energy & vitality. Then, the evening soft gels have a renew complex which contain alanine, lysine and arginine to prevent the breakdown of collagen, plus vitamins (including A, C, D and E) and minerals (including iodine, magnesium, selenium, zinc) to support overnight repair and renewal.


I juice fresh green veg all the time but you can never be getting enough greens into your system so I supplement my juices with green powder. I love Amazing Grass as it is full of everything you could dream of in a powdered green including wheat grass, spirulina, spinach, barley grass, chlorella, alfalfa, broccoli, beets, mama and cacao. However, most green powders taste awful but the chocolate flavour by Amazing Grass is actually really nice.


Our gut health is so important so important and sometimes needs a little assistance. Probiotics are often called “good” or “helpful” bacteria because they help keep your gut healthy by feeding the friendly bacteria in the digestive system. I use BioCare BioAcidophilus High Potency Live Bacteria, which were recommended to me by The Elixir Clinic after having a course of Colonic Hydra-therapy sessions. They are quite a controversial topic as some people think they are great whilst others completely useless. All I can say is my digestion and bloating feels much better when taking them.

Taking time to work out what works for you and what your body needs is the most important thing. This list is quite long but is a product of years of finding out what works for me. I also check to see what has changed over time by having regular tests which is a good way to see if what you are doing is actually working.

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