About Mims


Hi my love, And welcome to [re]define by me, Miriam Fae Martina Titmus.

Nothing makes me more delighted than helping others to find HAPPINESS in themselves by achieving their personal movement and wellness. I am overjoyed to be sharing my work with a worldwide audience through my digital platform [re]define by Mims. So why the name [re]define? The word holds a lot of significance to me as it give us ‘the chance to change the meaning of something or to make people think about something in a new or different way’. 

Like many of us, I had to walk a rather rocky road to where I am today: healthy and strong. Growing up in london amid the party scene I struggled with eating and my mental health. Never feeling happy with my body with cycles of starving and then binge eating, struggles with alcohol, relying on outside impulses for my happiness, anxiety, and awful sleep patterns you name it I’ve experienced it. This is why I feel so passionate about sharing the tools I’ve learnt on my own journey to help those I work with and to feel connected to my clients. Personally I can only confirm that the challenges I have experienced and concurred have helped shape me into a better version of myself, more compassionate and understanding of both the highs and the lows. They say ‘our branches can only grows as high as our roots go deep’ … 

Through my practice of unique movement combinations (Pilates & Yoga), breath work, meditation and nourishing nutrition I have found ways to achieve greater balance and happiness in my own life. Change occurs only when we choose to change our energy and I hope that [re]define by Mims can inspire you to do exactly that. As our world is ever-changing, so is the way we look at our exercise and wellness practices. Hence it was important for me to design [re]define by Mims digitally—to move with you, wherever you are, as we are creating long and lean bodies, which can stand strong with calm and centred minds. Together, let us learn to treat ourselves with love and care, because true happiness, confidence and beauty does really come from within. 

Can’t wait to meet you and see you online!

With Love 



[re]define with Mims is a modern, digital destination molded around self-improvement to help you maintain the healthiest and happiest version of yourself through online fitness classes and curious conversations curated by Miriam focusing on health and wellbeing.

Having worked as international pilates instructor with clients all over the world and holds a BSc in Psychology and Neuroscience, Miriam understands and knows how to fulfill her client’s desire to achieve optimum aesthetics whilst maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Mims aim is to [re]define the fitness narrative – the myth that desirable bodies are only obtainable through tortuous exercise and grueling diets – which has been engraved into our minds from an early age. Creating long and lean limbs doesn’t mean you have to be in the gym every day or go on crazy diets. Instead, Miriam wants to encourage a healthy lifestyle and balanced mindset through sculpting and toning workouts that are achievable whenever and wherever you want: pre recorded online series, in a group setting, or through private sessions.

As we are constantly growing and changing, so is the way we interact and receive information. [re]define is a digital destination cultivated around a curious dialogue and movement where we can come together to workout, educate and inspire.

Miriam had her first taste of HEALTH & WELLBEING

almost fifteen years ago when she studied for her BSc PSYCHOLOGY & NEUROSCIENCE in LONDON.


This foundation allowed her to excel in her career as one of the leading INTERNATIONAL PILATES & YOGA instructors, working with clients and VIP’s globally — including LONDON, LOS ANGELES, IBIZA, CANNES, DUBAI and ABU DHABI. Miriam’s core mission is to focus not only on physical transformation but bringing awareness to how we MOVE, EAT, THINK and FEEL—all of which translates into who we are.


Miriam has over ten years of experience as a certified PILATES & YOGA instructor teaching at some of the most exclusive studios and member clubs in LONDON including KX Gym, Grace Belgravia, Ten Pilates and Studio Lagree. She originally trained in LOS ANGELES with Sebastien Lagree (founder of the LAGREE METHOD) and in LONDON with STOTT in 2011. 


Miriam creates long and lean bodies that feel STRONG and EMPOWERED, combining the physical aspect with MINDFULLNESS; In 2017 Miriam spent time in RISHIKESH, INDIA where she completed 200 hours of Hatha & Ashtanga, Vinyasa YOGA and MEDITATION training. Breathwork and meditation are key elements which Miriam utilises not only in her personal life but also instills in her clients to strive for more BALANCE and CALM in our hectic lives.


Currently Miriam is based in DUBAI and ABU DHABI where she teaches at boutique studios YOGA LA VIE, DRYP, GYM 51 and also continues to establish and curate her private practice with clients across the UAE and WORLDWIDE.